Revolver Olympic Weight Plates (Coloured)


These colour Olympic weight plates will liven up your gym. Rubber coated with an easy grip, great design.

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If you’re after an affordable way to get into free weight or barbell training you can’t go past the Gym Garage Revolver weight plate. These weight plates are rubber coated with a cast iron core and come in a variety of colours. There is no doubt that these plates will liven up your gym.

Being rubber coated they will minimse noise and you’re not going to have to worry about rust.

The 7 holes in the plate are designed for an easy grip (as well as awesome appearance), and because they are easy to grip you’ll be able to perform a variety of exercises without needing a barbell.

These plates are Olympic sized, so they will fit all 50mm Olympic Barbells without a problem.

Available in 1.25, 2.5, 5.0, 10, 15, 20 and 25 kg varieties. Accuracy is within +-3%. The metal sleeve to makes it easy to slide on to your Olympic barbell.

Note: These plates aren’t to be confused with your bumper plates. They are not designed to be thrown or dropped from overhead. If you are wanting to get into Olympic style lifts you are going to need to go with bumper plates. Check out or range of bumpers.


1.25kg: 160mm diameter/18mm width
2.5kg: 179mm diameter/23mm width
5kg: 219mm diameter/28mm width
10kg: 308mm diameter/48mm width
15kg: 379mm diameter/46mm width
20kg: 450mm diameter/43mm width
25kg: 450mm diameter/49mm width

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