Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates


Rubber coated (cast iron core) tri-grip Olympic weight plates (black). Essential for all gyms. Create your own set. Price per single plate.


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Tri-grip Olympic weight plates at an unbeatable price. Gym Garage’s rubber coated Olympic weight plates feature heavy-duty, split, crack and peel resistant rubber casing to protect your floors and other equipment. The triple grip facilitates easy handling and the recessed center reduces the risk of pinched fingers as the bar is loaded. Use with an Olympic bar or on their own to perform a variety of free weight exercises. With these weight plates you’ll be able to press and twist your way to muscle-building greatness. Achieve real results as you lift with Gym Garage.

  • Olympic size weight plates (will fit Olympic sized barbells)
  • Easy grip handles
  • Timeless design
  • Rubber coated with black finish
  • Cast iron core
  • Shows weight in both KG & LBS
  • Metal sleeve

Note: These are not bumper plates and are not suitable for dropping from height.


1.25kg: 155mm diameter/17mm width
2.5kg: 189mm diameter/26mm width
5kg: 257mm diameter/40mm width
10kg: 308mm diameter/46mm width
15kg: 377mm diameter/46mm width
20kg: 450mm diameter/46mm width

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