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Black Bumper Plates


Black Bumper Plates. Great for the garage gym. Create your own set. Price per single plate.


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Gym Garage’s Black Bumper Plates are manufactured to stand up against leading bumpers but without the ridiculous price tag. These bumpers are formulated for their durability, density and low bounce with high quality virgin rubber.

  • Hooked stainless steel insert
  • Low, dead bounce making them great for your garage gym
  • Plates show KG embossment
  • Durometer: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg & 25kg bumpers are 90 ShA; 5kg bumpers are 98ShA
  • Olympic sized bumpers
  • 450mm plate diameter

5kg: 26mm
10kg: 40mm
15kg: 60mm
20kg: 79mm
25kg: 88mm

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