Olympic Weight Plates & Dumbbells

When it comes to weightlifting, Olympic weight plates and dumbbells are a staple. Gym Garage will set you up with the best deals on weights in Brisbane. Start lifting free weights and see the results.


Cheapest weights. Guaranteed.

At Gym Garage, we make sure we’re competitive on price because we know people love cheap weights. Sure, it can be costly setting up a home gym, so we look to offer the best prices wherever we can.

Customise a weight set

Along with out great Olympic weight plate package deals, we let you choose the exact weight configuration you’d like in your set. In fact you can do it right now with our Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates, Black Revolver Olympic Weight Plates or Colour Revolver Olympic Weight Plates.

Want a bunch of 20kg weight plates and a couple 10kg plates? Easy done!

Best Sellers: Rubber Coated Weight Plates

You can’t go wrong with rubber coated weight plates, and our customers agree – we know because we sell plenty of them!
3 reasons why they’re popular –

  1. Reduce noise: Most people don’t like bugging others with too much noise when working out in a home gym. Rubber coated plates will sort that out.
  2. Less Rust: Exposing your weight plates to the elements? With rubber plates, there is less chance of them rusting.
  3. Easier to load and move: We only sell ergonomically designed weight plates. During workouts, plates are moved, loaded and unloaded plenty of times. Having a plate that’s easy to grip makes your workout quicker and more enjoyable.


Ready to Buy? We offer Delivery to Brisbane and Surrounds

As well as offering free pick ups from our Norman Park garage, we also offer flat rate delivery to customers within 50km of us. If you’re not within our local delivery network and would like to find out how much a set of weight plates would cost to get to you just Contact Us.

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